Our Management App

Crizo Connect is a Customer Relationship Management product which connects you and your work with your clients and customers more efficiently, meaning;

  • Better Service
  • Greater Efficiency
  • More Time To Build Your Business

Our on-site service delivery helps your sales team to gain more instructions. The property upload and database mailouts coupled with our ‘impulse offer’ facility converts more instructions to deals and less ‘fall throughs’ due to 100% instant communication with clients.

Our management app can increase your net profit significantly in the first year with efficiency savings and more sales time to increase gross profit by similar rates.It gives you the freedom to downsize or upsize, depending on where you are in your business cycle, so you can build an empire or cash in form your years of hard work – without losing market share or quality of service, no service overhead investment required.

As part of our service, we provide both leaseholders and freeholders with access to a bespoke and personalised block management website.

From checking service charge payments to reviewing jobs and sending messages, our block management website has been designed to boost communication and reduce the time taken to complete tasks. What is more, by utilising a centralised, ‘cloud-based’ database, our clients can access information anywhere and at any time, providing a level of transparency that raises the standard for customer service.