In-House Legal Services

We provide a comprehensive service for the leaseholder and the freeholder which aims to cover all your needs.

Lease Extension

One of the most serious hidden risks as a leaseholder is ignoring the length that remains on the lease resulting in a huge increase in costs to renew and extend the lease.  Most leaseholders are not experts in property law and would have little or no idea what to do or where to go to sort out the problem.

We understand where people are with regards to this problem and are proactive in offering advice to anyone who may be concerned about the length of their lease.


Our legal department also provide a fast and efficient conveyancing service.  By keeping the service in-house we can ensure faster response time to block management issues and avoid the break down in communication that can lead to slow progress when out sourcing the conveyancing of your flat to your normal solicitor.


We offer advice and undertake the legal work involved in assessing the leaseholders having a Right to Manage their block.  We carry out the submission of prescribed notices and creation of the company followed by managing the block on behalf of the RTM company ensuring that the new directors are protected.

Purchasing Freeholds

We can assess your right to buy the freehold normally from a phone call or email to us.  If you wish us to take on the work involved then we will give you a cost for delivering the service from serving of notices to the landlord to obtaining a price for the freehold purchase.

Once the freehold has been purchased we can already have your company set up for the seamless transfer of works from the landlord to the new freehold company.

If you would like more information about our services or you would like to discuss any other legal matters, call our office or fill out the contact form on our website.